Samarpan School of Yoga

Samarpan School of Yoga is one of the most authentic places to learn Yoga in Rishikesh. Offering 200, 300 and 500h Yoga Alliance Accredited Teacher Training in Kundalini Tantra Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa and Multistyle. We invite you to experience the Gurukul life, that is, to live, practice and learn in an authentic Ashram in the Guru Shishya (Spiritual teacher – Student) tradition. Our courses cover the journey from basic Asanas to Moksha (Enlightenment).

Samarpan School of Yoga / Vanaprastha Sanyasa (Yoga-Vedanta) Course Rishikesh

 Residential Vanaprastha /Yogic/Karma  Sanyasa  Course on Saiva Agama Perspectives

 5th November to 30th November 2024/2025/2026

Swami Samarpan Ashram is will be conducting the first 26 days Vanaprastha Sanyasa Course on Vedic and Saiva Agama withTantric perspectives as revealed by Lord Shiva. This Course will be supervised  by Living Himalayan Master Guruji Avadhuta Samarpananandaji and guided by  Acharya Swami Viswarupanandaji along with many other traditional Acharyas (Teachers).

During this course, you will study various branches and types of Sanyasa, such as Karma & Yogic Sanyasa /Vanaprastha /Jnana Sanyasa while living in a traditional Gurukula.

The Vanaprastha Sanyasa Course will provide you with various teachings of Yoga Darshan, Vedic Darshan and Shaiva Darshan Shastras in Tantric Perspectives. Darshan literally means Philosophy but it has a different meaning which is to see, to experience our own Self, Atma jnana and Brahma Jnana.

Swami Samarpan Ashram is a traditional Ashram conducting various courses on yoga, meditation, tantra, kriya yoga, ayurveda and Vedanta. The Ashram is situated in Rishikesh on the foot hill of the Himalayas, offering displaying mountain view and 2 km away from the bank of Mother Ganges.


This program is for you if…

You are growing less and less interested in mundane life and wish to dedicate your life to the realization of your Self.

You want to go deeper in the study of the meaning of the life

You want to experience life in a traditional Ashram, the Gurukula life under the guidance of a spiritual master

You want to experience the deeper meaning of karma yoga, jnana yoga, bhakti yoga and raja yoga

You want to learn how to live life as a deep and fulfilling spiritual journey

You wish to receive traditional education on Sanyasa with an open heart

If you resonate with these statements, you are welcome to join us for the Vanaprastha Sanyasa Course. This unique opportunity is provided by the grace of Lord Shiva, Parashakti and Master of the Himalayas.


Subjects covered in this program :

Yoga Darshan

Gita Darshan

Vedanta Darshan

Shiva Sutra (Saiva Darshan)

Sanyasa Darshan

Philosophy of Swami Shivananda

Gheranda and Gorakha  Samhita

Vedic Chanting

Basic Sanskrit Study

History and Heritage culture of Shaiva  Agama

Karma Yoga ( as per individual skills and physical ability)

Kirtan, Bhajan along with traditional musical instrument

Daily prayers and sacred fire and rituals.

Note : Darshan meaning to  have special vision and english is philosophy

What is Vanaprastha / Karma Sanyasa ?

Vanaprastha Sanyasa is a state of consciousness and a lifestyle. It is not only about renunciation as most understand it or a rejection of life. It is rather about accepting the real meaning and purpose of human life. This course will teach you how to sublimate and liberate Karma and desires through higher consciousness. Sanyasa is all about walking into reality and experiencing one’s own Self. Self is represented here as Atman.

Many think that as per scriptures one will only take Sanyasa Diksha when one is completely free from all desires and karma, but this is actually not possible and never really happens this way. If you are free from all desires, naturally you are liberated .Then there is no need to take any types of Sanyasa . Taking any level of Sanyasa is adopting a lifestyle which gives you great opportunity to free yourselve from desires in order to attain Enlightenment and Freedom. On this path, one may gradually proceed from Vanaprastha  to Yogic / Karma Sanyasa and finally to Jnana Sanyasa.

Although you are going to receive teachings about various types of Sanyasa lifestyles, it does not mean that we expect you to adopt or accept any specific way of life at the end of this course. Our intention is to give you the opportunity to know more about Sanyasa, to experience many aspects of it and decide for yourself if it fits you.


Daily Schedule except Sundays Holiday:
06:00 am: Wake up
06.30 am………………… Chai /Tea/ Coffee
07.00 am to 9.30 am:  Yoga, Pranayama and  Meditation
09.30 am to 10.00am : Breakfast
11.00 am to 12.30 am:  Karma Yoga /Seva/ Service without expectations
01.00 pm to 01.30 pm: Lunch
03.00 pm to 03.15 pm:Tea Break
03:30 pm to 5.30 pm: Karma Yoga and Seva
06:30pm to 7.00 pm: Dinner
07.00pm to 8.00 pm Satsang , Bhajan, Kirtan and Silent meditation.
09.15 pm…………………. Rest.

Fee for all Citizens 999 Euro or equivalent to Indian Rupees.

Note that :This course  fee has to be paid in full and fees are non-refundable.

Please Read Rules and Regulations and fill up the form as applicant and send via email : swamisamarpanashram@gmail.com including medical certificate clearance which is must be  good  health . Which is very important and once you confirm and proceed to payment. Download